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This and the associated MailASail pages are straight copies of information provided by MailASail which provides a range of quick and easy ways to get charts, texts and GRIB files.

The Mail;ASail Chart responder

This weather service is a simple system to offer popular weather forecasts and charts by email. To get the current menus click on and send a blank email.

Our goal is to provide a deliberately limited subset of all the weather available, and only to provide the most useful forecasts in an easy to access format. If you would like to see additional charts or forecasts added then please email:


Send a blank message with the data filename as the ONLY word in the SUBJECT line to: The datafile will be sent back immediately. As of November 2015, the list of chart filenemes can be seen by clicking here/.

NOTE: Filenames are CaSe SeNsItIvE
In most email programs clicking on the links in the text below will create a new email with the correct subject line


Note: These may take 2-4 mins to download over Iridium


The resolution and quality are reduced, but the size drops to between 1/2 and 2/3 of the original (ie faster to download)
USE WITH CARE. Understand the implications of trading filesize versus picture quality

You should check the dates of all forecasts carefully.

The Internet is not part of the National Weather Service's operational data stream and should never be relied upon as a means to obtain the latest forecast and warning data. Please read their disclaimer (

The MailASail weather page is at

Their email service page is at

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