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Weather actuals from “official” observation sites around NW Europe.

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Useful sites around the British Isles and NW Europe include

Synoptic weather reports give the wind speed averaged over 10 minute periods. There are always variations due to gusts. In extreme cases, gusts can be more than twice the average wind. It is quite normal for gusts to be 40% higher than the average or mean wind speed. Bear that in mind when using these data sources.

Met Office website

Latest Marine hourly observations from around the UK and including open ocean buoys to the west of the British Isles and Biscay. Undated hourly.

Irish buoy data

The Irish Met Service Observations Pages are useful to sailors because they give data from the ring of buoys around Ireland. This is a quick page to download and gives the latest hourly data.

Irish land stations

Another quick page to download has the latest hourly data from the land stations over the Republic of Ireland.

Jersey Met Department actuals

Reports from stations as broadcast by Jersey Met, Channel Isles and nearby French coasts.

Baltic and N Sea actual

SWS Coastal observations around the N Sea and S Baltic.

German coastal weather.

Latest coastal report hourly.

German coastal winds.

Last 3 hours wind and sea state updated hourly.

German Land Stations

Reports from agermll over Germany including some around the coast.

NOAA Data Buoy Center

Buoy, Light Vessel and Rig data around the British Isles. It is necessary to look at one location at a time, but there are hourly reports for a day or more back. The page also has a link to ship reports in the area.

English Channel to the Eastern Mediterranean.

More from NOAA NDBC.

Satellite wind data

Satellite derived winds from the European satellite. This uses the scattering of a radar beam fired at the sea surface.


Probably the most comprehensive and easy to use source of latest actuals. Change the area by hitting the name of a country. This page seems to have all the latest observations over land and sea. Hover over a location for the detailed weather to appear.


Another comprehensive source of actual wind data for weather observing sites over the UK, France, Germany, Iberia and Italy. This gives latest wind data from airfields, data buoys, light vessels etc. Hover the pointer over a wind arrow and read off the location and the latest wind. Be careful though, because some data are refreshed every 20 minutes, every hour and others less often.

Observations - Map Search

To access all marine observations in a geographical area anywhere in the world. Curiously to European eyes, the US data centre converts the pressures into inches of mercury and temperatures into degrees Fahrenheit as "English" units. This is the default. Choose metric units for the more usual hectoPascals/millibars and degrees Celsius. Equally curiously, you get more data if you put "English" units!.

  • NOTE - Ships usually only report the weather at the main hours of 00, 06, 12, 18 UTC. When using this site, therefore, choose a time shown as "t-2" or "t-3" etc to define one of these main hours. Perhaps better is to choose "the past 6 hours”.

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