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SOLAS/GMDSS Weather information on the Internet when away from Europe

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For navigation and weather forecasting purposes, the world is divided into 21 NAVAREAs or METAREAs , the terms are interchangeable.


High Seas forecasts for these areas are broadcast on one or more of Inmasat-C, HF/SSB or NAVTEX . Texts of these forecasts ans some NAVTEX messages are available on the JCOMM (Joint technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology) website.

A problem with this site is that the links to forecasts cannot be bookmarked. When bandwidth is limited, High Seas forecast can be obtained by email using the MailASail text responder. Send a blank email to In the subject line type metareaX.txt where X is the METAREA number 1 to 16.

This page gives URLs that can be bookmarked, where available, for High Seas and many other forecasts. Most can be obtained using the Saildocs text retrieval facility. Those that cannot be so used are marked with an *. A browser is then the only option.

Sea surface temperatures

METAREA4 – Atlantic USA, Canada, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

NB. URLs in these two latter pages can be bookmarked and used with text retrieval.

Around Curacao - 48 hours.

For these areas, 5-day forecasts.

Caribbean from 11N to 15N between 72W and 80W including Colombia Basin-

Caribbean S of 15N between 64W and 72W including Venezuela Basin-

Forecast areas

Hudson Bay
USA, High Seas
All US sea areas – can be used to download forecast texts.

METAREA 5 Brazilian waters

Forecast areas

High Seas
Brazil Inshore waters]

METAREA 6 – Brazil/Uruguay border to the Antarctic.

Forecast areas

High Seas forecast areas

METAREA 7 South Africa south to the Antarctic

Forecast Areas

High Seas forecast areas

METAREA 8N Indian Ocean North of the Equator

Forecast areas

Sea areas India

METAREA 8S Indian Ocean south south of the equator

Forecast areas

Sea Areas - METAREA 8
Sea Areas - METAREA - sub-areas (NAVTEX)

METAREA 9 - Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf, north of Area 8

Forecast areas

High Sea Areas
Qatar Waters

METAREA 10 South Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean 141 to 170 degE, Australian waters.


The following are “menus” for various areas.

Forecast areas

High Seas Areas
Coastal areas

METAREA 11 Malaysian Archipelago, Seas of China and Japan. N Pacific to 45 degN, 180DegE/W.-

High Seas


Coastal waters

Forecast areas

China High Seas
Phillipines Sea Areas
Thai Sea areas

METAREA 12 Eastern North Pacific and Sea of Mexico

NB. URLs from these two pages can be bookmarked and used with Saildocs text retrieval facility

Forecast areas

Canadian High Seas areas
Alaskan Coastal areas
All US sea areas – can be used ti download forecast texts.

METAREA 13 NW Pacific, north of 45 degN

No forecasts found on-line

High Seas forecast areas

METAREA 14 Central South Pacific

New Zealand coastal waters


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French Polynesia

Forecast areas

High seas
New Zealand areas

METAREA 15 SE Pacific, 18 degS to Antarctica, Drakes Channel, Is Pasqua

High Seas forecast areas

METAREA 16 Peruvian coast to 120 deg W

High Seas forecast areas

METAREAs 17 - 21 The Arctic

The JCOMM site has forecasts and ice conditions for these areas as follows:

Other resources are

Both of these Canadian sites give URLs that can be saved and used for email text retrieval.

Synoptic charts and other information

With limited bandwidth use the

Sources of GRIB output - mainly from the US GFS (Global Forecast System)

For a laptop computer

For a tablet

All provide the GFS, some give alternatives.

For all systems

  • A variety of services Links to many GRIB type services from national meteorological services and commercial sources.