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This page is a (feeble) effort to reduce spam and junk mail. Each of the addresses below requires the usual @ symbol after the username, (dot) to be replaced by . and all spaces to be removed.

Queries, suggestions and comments relating to the site are welcomed and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. Please note that I spend much time away sailing and may well be using my mobile phone for Internet connection. The excellent MailASail email client will block any large email for my later attention.

I cannot offer any real time service and do not provide advice on such matters as ocean crossings other than on my site. I run this on a strictly non-commercial basis.

Contact Person

Email Address

Frank Singleton, the Site "Owner" for queries, criticisms, comments and suggestions

singleton.frank (at) mailasail (dot) com

Martin Stubbs, UK Weather Information Site and his own Weather Site

stubbsm (at) waitrose (dot) com

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