April 2019

Added useful links to Portuguese Met Service to Biscay area forecasts

April 2019

Changes to Met Office forecast pages - incorporated on NW Europe Forecast page

March 2019

The Danish Met Service, dmi.dk, now has a useful free app foe IOS and Android -patforms, see myGRIB apps page. useful for tha Baltic, N Sea and Channel coastal waters. HARMONIE model, 2.5 km grid.

March 2019

Updated Reeds Weather Handbook now on sale

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New page on this topic – see Ensembles


The page “Unofficial' Weather Stations'' has been updated to take the Weather Observations Website into account.

The Jetstream

In view of the topical interest in the jet stream, the Netweather Jet Stream page is worth looking at.

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See the major revision to What is the future of the GMDSS?


The page GRIB Apps has been updated

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A new page about the CAPE lightning risk index.

A threat to Internet services highlights the threat to the availability of GMDSS forecasts on the web.

Hurricane terminology

When is a hurricane not a hurricane?

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I am a member of the Cruising Association which provides much information on a mutual exchange basis. The CA has a number of awards for such voluntary work. In 2004 and in 2009 (jointly with John Calver) , I received the Brittain Cup for "Pilotage Information" In 2017, I was most pleased to receive the Mic hael Manton Plate. This is for “Giving exceptional help to section members.”

I am a member of the Hallberg Rassy Owners Association, a most friendly group of sailors with superb yachts. In 2002 they kindly gave me the Christoph Rassy Endeavour Trophy for a "Significant contribution to yachting."

I have been a Royal Yachting Association member for many years as a dinghy sailor and a cruising yachtsman. I have a Yachtmaster (Offshore) certificate. In 2004, I received the RYA Community Award "Services to the World of Yachting".
In 2007, I received the Royal Cruising Club Medal for "Services to Cruising". With such previous winners as K Adlard Coles, Blondie Hasler, the Hiscocks and Olin Stephens I am clearly in very good company and very honoured indeed.

I am very pleased to have been associated with the Conference of Cruising Clubs. Together with the RYA the CYCC does much unsung work for the cruising sailor. The CYCC comprises those yacht clubs and associations in the British Isles that provide sailing directions ie the ASA, BCYA, CCC, CA, FYCA, ICC, NWVYC, OCC, RCC, RCC Pilotage Foundation, RNSA, RNYC and RYS. Regrettably, the CYCC has ceased to function.

I am a longstanding member of the Royal Meteorological Society. In 2003 they awarded me their Michael Hunt Prize and Life Membership of the Society for "Increasing the understanding of meteorology among the sailing community". Winner the previous time was my old friend, and colleague as a senior forecaster with the Met Office, David Houghton. David is nonpareil in the matter of weather for racing sailors and did much good work helping sailors to win Olympic gold.