French forecasts online.

Anyone using an Apple or Android tablet to get French forecasts will be directed to use a free app. After some teething problems, this now works well.

February 2017. Météo France forecast texts.

These can now be both bookmarked and accessed by email using the [[Marine-Weather-Forecast-Services-By-Email#webtexts | Saildocs text retrieval service].

DWD forecast texts - 9/01/2017

DWD forecasts can now be bookmarked. See my NW Europe page. F or those with restricted bandwidth, these forecasts can be obtained using the Saildocs text retrieval.

Improved GFS GRIB Data

The GFS now computes on a finer grid. Output is now available on a 0.25 degree grid using Saildocs and zyGrib V7.0

News and Topical items


The page “Unofficial' Weather Stations'' has been updated to take the Weather Observations Website into account.

The Jetstream

In view of the topical interest in the jet stream, the Netweather Jet Stream page is worth looking at.

Recently revised pages


See the major revision to What is the future of the GMDSS?


The page GRIB Apps has been updated

Latest additional pages

A new page about the CAPE lightning risk index.

A threat to Internet services highlights the threat to the availability of GMDSS forecasts on the web.

Hurricane terminology

When is a hurricane not a hurricane?

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Frank Singleton's Weather and Sailing Pages


This site has been Updated in the spring of 2017. Hopefully all external links are live but advice to the contrary is always welcome. Also, hopefully, every page has been spell-checked.

Introduction to Frank's Weather Site

Weather determines where we sail to, when we sail there and if we sail at all. This site is a guide to marine weather forecasts and how to use them. Understanding marine weather forecasts and about weather at sea are both essential to safety of vessels and their crews, especially those of sailing yachts and leisure motor boats.

Over the years, when I have seen a need, I have added other pages that might be of interest - including the vexed issue of climate change.

Really heavy weather sailing!!!

The links below and always visible in the Left Hand Sidebar. They will take you to the various areas of this site.

1…..GMDSS Weather Forecast Services

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) services are available worldwide via VHF, NAVTEX, INMARSAT and SSB radio. These pages relate to Europe, the eastern North Atlantic, the Baltic and Mediterranean.

2…..Marine Weather information on the Internet

The Internet is an alternative source of forecasts and a provider of information not covered by the GMDSS. However, it is not an operational service. It will not always be available or it may have high communications costs.

3…..GRIB Files - all you want to know

An increasingly used weather resource, often misunderstood. These pages will help

4…..Information for specific sailing areas

Forecasts and weather in European areas and the Atlantic.

5…..Understanding Marine Forecasts

Getting marine weather forecasts is only the start; understanding and knowing the terminology and how best to use forecasts are the real problems.

6…..What is behind the forecast

Weather prediction, limitations, the data used, and observing the weather.

7…..Understanding Marine Weather

Much of our weather is often rather small scale. Some of these pages challenge conventional wisdom.

8…..Marine Weather Communications

For many, the BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast is all they ever use but there are many other forecasts available - given the right communications and knowledge.

9…..Climate Change

The issues, the arguments, the experts.

10….General Information, History of meteorology

Beaufort Scale, Meteorological History. I find these pages interesting - and hope that you may do also.

11….Some basic theory

Coriolis, Formation of pressure differences, why air moves, heating and cooling of the air. The importance of Latent heat.

12….General Weather and Sailing Links

National Weather Services, other sites, Clubs and Associations, Commercial links.

Site Overview

This site applies my long and wide experience in meteorology and sailing to help others to whom weather forecasts, and marine weather forecasts in particular, are mysteries.

This page is, effectively a sitemap. Starting from here every page is accessible using no more than two mouse clicks.

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