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Anyone using http://weather.mailasail.com/Franks-Weather/Weather-Forecasts-On-The-Internet on an Apple or Android tablet will be directed to use a free app. This obviously intended improved service has on first use something to be desired.

It is obviously not designed by a sailor. Forecasts are as broadcast except that the ordering has been changed from Wind, Sea, Swell, Weather, Visibility to Weather, Swell, Visibility, Wind, Sea. The extended outlooks for the next few days on the Météo France website version have been omitted. For those who have to expand text, the pinch/expand facility is not available. You have to use the (iPad) accessibility feature.

Most importantly, updating is late. As I write, after 0900 LT, the forecast is still the previous evening version – more than two hours after the website version was updated.

Hopefully, these rough edges will be smoothed out in time.

February 2017. Météo France forecast texts can now be both bookmarked on rather "heavy" pages. However, they can now be accessed by email using Saildocs. Navimail is no logger useful for that purpose.

DWD forecast texts - 9/01/2017

DWD forecasts can now be bookmarked. See myNW Europe page. F or those with restricted bandwidth, these forecasts can be obtained using the Saildocs text retrieval.

Improved GFS GRIB Data

The GFS now computes on a finer grid. Output is now available on a 0.25 degree grid using Saildocs and zyGrib V7.0

News and Topical items


The page “Unofficial' Weather Stations'' has been updated to take the Weather Observations Website into account.

The Jetstream

In view of the topical interest in the jet stream, the Netweather Jet Stream page is worth looking at.

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See the major revision to What is the future of the GMDSS?


The page GRIB Apps has been updated

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A new page about the CAPE lightning risk index.

A threat to Internet services highlights the threat to the availability of GMDSS forecasts on the web.

Hurricane terminology

When is a hurricane not a hurricane?

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