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Found external URL: Column widths after last Nav table. Two problems in the3 big table - extra ---- tags Diagram at top should be centred obvious title and placing of UK sea area pics (work into body and main title) Tables of broadcasts (CSS style issue) various at top and table col widths (mostly √ - some odd minor formatting gremlins) Page width centralisation of table

√ (?) Title split, some font variations OOH! last section lost at sea Navigation table at top Multi line at top, Nav table col width. multiplicity of lines

√ (?) seeing this page, maybe you are right about horizontal lines. I withdraw I need to change all the Nav tables METAREA III some large font Table width of premium rate numbers Picture of email text should be centred, Some half lines my fault in original We must get this one right! The other two MailASail pages are OK. (needs only minor tweaks - delete the redundant "\\" characters) Page width upper half, something odd below end of side bar, Example of RTTY message a mess. Centralisation of GRIB example, justification in tables at end (needs only minor tweaks) Page width and centralisation of pictures (mostly √ - some of the (original) pictures corrupted and need replacement) width at top, just below title OK. Just some interesting highlights of some text. Can we learn from this? (It's as per the original only the background changed - shows the importance of using external styles! give it a new style type and remove all inline colours) OK. Again some interesting text highlighting (It would appear that you can't leap straight into a third level indent without some higher up indents. I think it should just be a normal single level bullet anyway though?) pics to be centralised (actually left aligned looks good to me?) some more highlighting (convert to first level bullets) RTTY table Width at top , centralisation of temperature table GRIB pic to be centralised many lines at top and width of intro 1806 Beaufort Scale Intro table col widths problems because I used three columns. centralisation of pic ditto ditto ditto ditto multi lines at top ditto ditto