GMDSS forecasts for Metarea 1, the UK, Northwest European, Baltic and High Seas

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The WMO WWMIWS site site has fast links to texts of many NAVTEX messages in Metarea 1.

NOTE These NAVTEX messages cannot be bookmarked nor obtained using the Sailmail/Saildocs text retrieval service.

UK High Seas, Offshore Sea Areas and Inshore waters

UK Met Office Marine page

The following URLs can be used by Saildocs.


Actual reports around UK coasts --- Updated hourly.

Irish Coastal waters

Met Éirean Home page


Home page
List of marine forecats
English texts of DWD marine forecasts

These are in English, except where noted

This last includes waters around the British Isles as well as Biscay, Madeira, the Canaries etc.

The Netherlands

Jersey Met Office

Forcast for Jersey sea areas --- Area bounded by 50°N, 3°W and the French Coast. Issued by Jersey Met Dept.

French Sea and Coastal areas forecasts

Météo-France Marine Home page NOTE With a tablet it is easy to use the Météo France App for all marine forecasts and warnings (BMS)

Inshore Forecasts (Bullétins Cotiere)

Offshore forecasts(Bulletins au large)

'NOTE All these texts can be bookmarked but are not accessible using the Saildocs text retrieval service.


The Norwegian Met Service Home page


Icelandic Met Service Home page

Denmark , Greenland, Numap Isua and Faeroes

Danish Meteorological Institute Home page

  • Danish Sea Areas --- Southern Baltic and North Sea, Greenland, Numap Isua and Faeroes


Swedish Met Servic Home page

Heights relate to average sea levels.


Finnish Met Service Home page

Heights relate to average sea levels.

Baltic States and Poland

For sea area forecasts, use the Finnish or Swedish services.

  • Estonia ---Baltic sea area texts, Vector wind charts,Current and Sea level forecasts, Coastal actual rports. All in English.
  • Latvia --- Sea area orecast
  • Lithuania - Short period marine forecast in wind vector format
  • Poland --- Forecast in text.

For more Baltic links go to my page Baltic Forecast Sources


Sea surface temperatures